Coastal City Center @ Bhimavaram has two levels of retail space and two levels of car parking space accommodating Retail, Food & Dining and Entertainment & Leisure Zones

Zones at Coastal City Center, Bhimavaram

  1. Benetton @ Coastal City Center, Bhimavaram - Retail Shopping in Bhimavaram


    Coastal City Center, Bhimavaram has two levels of retail space, accommodating specialty stores, across 60,000 square feet of retail space. Coastal City Center offers shoppers an intimate and convenient shopping experience through an unique tenant mix, overall ambience and promotions.
  2. Food Court @ Coastal City Center, Bhimavaram - Food in Bhimavaram

    Food & Dining

    Taking a walk around here is an experience in itself, and determining what to have for lunch is nothing less than a daunting task. Your every craving and whim can be appeased here. You could choose to have a three-course meal, or a light healthy snack and smoothie.
  3. Geetha Multiplex @ Coastal City Center, Bhimavaram - Multiplex in Bhimavaram

    Entertainment & Leisure

    At Coastal City Center with its meticulous and scientific planning each and every aspect has been carefully taken of. There will be a plethora of recreational playing zones to ensure that there is something interesting for every member of the family.