The brand Scullers and the corssed Oars have over the years come to personify a lifestyle and the choices that come with it. Scullers @ Coastal City Center, Bhimavaram has exclusive range to satisfy the needs if the people in Bhimavaram.


Scullers is inspired by Sculling, one of the oldest competitive sports. Sculling is an institution in itself in top universities of England and the USA. The synchronized precision of the sculler's strokes, the spirited youthfulness, bonhomie and teamwork are some of the qualities of the sport that the brand captures.

Scullers comprises a range of sporty clothes, that stop short of being sportswear; a cool, preppy and un-fussy attitude-great clothes for work and just as good to relax in afterwards.

Fabric for Scullers is sourced from competitive international markets, fabric that has just the right weave and feel. These are combined with inspired design and meticulous attention to detail to offer some of the finest apparel.

The Scullers product range includes the Henley collection of Relaxed Wear and the Evergreen range of Classics, teamed with a Crush-Free range of Chinos and Khakis. A youthful collection of Italian silk ties completes the look.

Product Range:

Shirts, Trousers, Ties, Blazers & Under-Tees.
Ties: Italian, Polyester & Silk ties.
Blazers: Classy blazers in fine Polywool.
Under-Tees: A range of Round-neck and classic T-Shirts.